May 20, 2011 - Common Areas / Recycling

Dear Unit Owners and Residents,

Items in Common Areas
In the near future, all personal items in common areas will be disposed of. Where applicable, individual owners will be fined and billed for the cost of removal. To avoid loss of property, fines and disposal fees, please remove personal items immediately. Personal items must never be stored in common areas.

Common Area Doors
Per order of the Fire Department, doors cannot be propped open unless actively being used. Be sure to close any doors that are propped open. External doors and any doors without a doorstop must never be propped open. Fines will be issued for non-compliance.

Smoking on the property is limited to outside of the Northend Street door and butts must discarded in the provided receptacle. Smoking in any common area inside the building, outside of the Symonds St, North St and backyard doors are prohibited. Fines will be issued for noncompliance. Unit Owners are responsible for the behavior of tenants and guest of their unit.


Plastic bags and pizza boxes cannot be recycled. Please discard in dumpster.

Thank you,
The Pickering North Condominium Association
Board of Managers