Condo Life

Oftentimes, you might hear people say that living in a condominium is like living in an apartment building. While that holds true for some things, it’s decidedly different in many other ways.

Similarities to living in an apartment

  • Your neighbors are close and, at times, you will hear them
  • There is someone to call when you see a problem on the grounds
  • Courtesy and politeness is encouraged between residents
  • Monthly payments are required for regular upkeep

Differences from living in an apartment

  • Since most residents are also owners, there is a higher level of concern and care for living environments.
  • Any issues happening within your walls are under your control and you are empowered to take immediate action.
  • You would be one of many voices who have a direct say in the happenings of the building.

These are just a few of the considerations when thinking about life in a condominium.