Jun 8, 2014 - Trash Management

Dear Unit Owners and Residents,

We have had some recent issues with regard to trash and recycling. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this excerpt from our Rules and Regulations. Please also refer to the laminated information on what is and is not recycled. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to a board member or the management.

Rules and Regulations: Section 6: Trash Management

Part 6.1 – City Regulations: Trash and Recycling at Pickering North is through the city of Salem and subject to all regulations set forth by the City. For detailed information on the city’s rules and regulations, visit http://salem.com/Pages/SalemMA_Recycling/index

Part 6.2 – Dumpster Usage: The use of the dumpster is for the disposal of household trash only. Items such as household appliances, household furniture, recyclables of any kind, construction materials, and hazardous materials are prohibited. Dumpster is emptied weekly on Thursday. In the event of a Holiday, pick up will be delayed by one day.

Part 6.3 – Recycling: The city of Salem requires that items approved for recycling MUST be recycled. Recycling bins for Paper and Bottles are provided near the parking lot. Recyclables must be divided between glass, plastic and paper and placed in the appropriately bins. All boxes MUST be flattened and bundled 3’ by 3’ before disposal.

Part 6.4 – Disposal: Any additional costs associated with disposal of personal property (e.g. hot water heaters, other appliances, construction debris, tires, etc.) from the Common Areas will be the responsibility of the unit owner. The charge may include the cost of the disposal, a service charge for the services of the Managing Agent and other charges resulting from the disposal of personal property.

Part 6.5 – Non-Owner Occupied Units: The city of Salem requires that owners of non-owner occupied units pay a monthly fee for trash removal. The association requires compliance with this and all city requirements. For information on this, call the Trash Department at 978-619-5672 or visit http://salem.com/Pages/SalemMA_Recycling/trashfee

Part 6.6 – Non-Compliance: Failure to observe city and association rules can result in the city’s refusal to remove trash and/or recyclables until compliance is reached. In this event, the city will fine the association. These fines will be passed onto the unit owner causing the non-compliance and will be in addition to fines levied by the association itself. The offending party will also be required to remedy the situation which may include paying for private trash removal.

Thank you,
The Pickering North Condominium Association
Board of Managers