Jul 28, 2013 - Cardboard Recycling Issus

Dear Unit Owners and Residents,

The weekly trash was not picked up last Thursday, apparently because of cardboard, boxes, paper, etc being included in the dumpster. The trash collection company is not required to pick up the trash if recycling materials are included in the dumpster.

Some of the items that were in the dumpster included: children’s toy boxes (Caillou, Alphabet Cubes, Toy Garage Box, etc) along with an artificial Christmas tree box.

With the new recycling regulations for the City of Salem, etc, it is imperative that we follow the guidelines for recycling versus trash collection.

If you are responsible for boxes, cardboard, papers, etc being in the dumpster, could you please remove them and deposit them into the proper recycling bin.

Thank you,
The Pickering North Condominium Association
Board of Managers