Feb 2, 2014 - Water Heater Safety

Dear Unit Owners and Residents,

We wanted to remind our neighbors that a water heater failure can be a big problem for you and your neighbors. Here’s some tips to help keep your unit running smoothly.

  1. Temperature
    Hot water can scald in just a few seconds. The safest temperatures are 120º F or lower. Refer to your manual or contact a professional to help you change yours.
  2. Space
    Clutter creates a fire risk. Leave at least 18” of space around your water heater.
  3. Water Shut Off
    If you do not have one, we recommend installing an automatic shut-off valve in the event of a water heater failure. At minimum, a manual shut-off valve should be installed. In the instance of  failure, shut off water and electricity to the water heater and drain the heater. A hose is located in the basement, beneath the stairs of the Northend Street entrance. If used, be sure to drain and wrap the hose before returning it to its storage location.
  4. Maintenance
    Have your water heater serviced once per year. This service should include running hot water through the drain valve.
  5. Replacement
    Always replace your unit before the lifetime rating on your unit expires.

Keep in mind that when water heaters fail, they often cause flooding that is not covered under the building’s master policy due to our deductible. Damage costs will often need to be claimed against your own insurance or out of pocket. For this reason, we recommend being vigilant about caring for your water heater.

Thank you,
The Pickering North Condominium Association
Board of Managers